Orientique at Silks of Montpellier Cheltenham


Autumn / Winter 2017 Collection

Australian label Orientique specialises in natural fabrics, producing garments made from cotton, linen and rayon from the world’s finest mills. For the lady who longs to stand out from the crowd, Orientique’s exquisite combination of prints and flattering silhouettes ensures every garment is truly unique. New season Autumn / Winter range now in stock, look no further than Silks, Cheltenham.

Style: O1

Style: O2

Style: O3

Style: O4

Style: O5

Style: O6

Style: O7

Style: O8

Style: O9

Style: O10

Style: O11

Style: O12

Style: O13

Style: O14

Style: O15

Style: O16

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