Our Alteration Service

ensure you have a beautiful fit

If your outfit is near perfect, then our alteration service could be the finishing touch to achieve that perfect look. Our alterations are sensitive, discreet and will ensure you have a beautiful fit. We are proud to add that we have employed the services of the same tayloress for the last 30 years.

Firstly we’ll determine whether your new outfit will need to be altered, we’ll make sure there is no puckering, bunching or bulging, we will also check the stitching, embroidery and beading and make sure they are all in good shape too – obtaining the perfect fit is our goal. Whether it’s a wedding outfit or trouser suit, our tayloress can achieve the desired finish at a very modest cost. Visit our Montpellier store to view our existing range and to find out more.

*Please note: Altered or customised items cannot be returned or exchanged for a refund or store credit.